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SF VR 360 Janus will be at Microsoft Reactor on January 18th.

Hack Days in San Francisco

How Trump may be buying propoganda to fit into your facebook news feed.

What the future of TV & Film for AR VR devices could be.

SFVR Nov 30th at Microsoft in San Francisco: Schedule, Speakers, and Demos.

AI+Mixed Reality: Interview w/ Tobiah of Microsoft on Artificial Intelligence is converging with…

VR+Blockchain: Interview w/ Kieran Farr v Decentraland on the convergence of Virtual Reality w/…

CascadeSF is a fantastic event series! (Photos that you can use/share at he bottom)

Death Star Robot: Anonymous Global Warfare. Resistance is futile.

Photos & Videos from SFVR in October 2017: San Francisco Virtual Reality 360 ôctō

The NerveGear Show: Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Brain computer…

Matterport, a 3D camera maker, has just released a new deep learning algorthim under an open source…

Read the Google blog for November 1st announcing Poly

House Intelligence releases data on Russian purchased social media ads, Facebook responds +…

A list of Facebook Pages that I very casually maintain now added to the VRMA Virtual Reality Media…

Technically it’s a list of Facebook groups so far, I haven’t started on a list of Facebook pages.

The Bridge Mixed Reality Headset: A hands on Video.

The Convergence of Cutting Edge Ideas, Science & Technology into Virtual Reality


What I said about what people expect to happen to Trump is actually true.

Update: There was a response from Ben which I have included at the very bottom of the page.

Thank you all so much for coming to last night’s sold out SFVR 360 ôctō!

Hands on: The Samsung 360 Round costs only $10,500. In my preview the stitching seemed perfect.

Arianna Huffington will be leading the inspirational keynote at 10am on Thursday at the Samsung…

A list of Women in VR, AR, or Tech groups on Facebook

I don’t agree with Tested’s video journalism assessment of the Pimax 8K headset

15 New Articles/Posts from Oculus Connect 4

John Carmack interviewed at Oculus Connect 4

Exclusive Audio Interview from OC4: Oculus Project Santa Cruz

Windlands 2 Preview at Oculus Connect 4

Brass Tactics demo

Unspoken by Insomniac Games: Story Mode Preview & Interview with the developer.

Killing Floor Incursion VR: Hold Out Game Mode revealed at OC4

From Other Suns: Preview (On Oculus Rift)

BladeRunner 2045 VR experience.

Medium has received significant updates.

I got to try the Pimax 8K & 5K headsets! Kickstarter backers you are in for a treat!

Echo Arena Esports VR Battle

OC4 Oculus Connect 4 Keynote

Awesome people to follow on Social Media: Irena Cronin

Event Invitation: SFVR 360 ôctō

Link to bio, ways to connect, and featured stories

San Francisco Virtual Reality 360

Recent Global Tech News in case you missed it:

People to follow: Tom Emerich snaps new photos of the new Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenge AR System

The VRMA Virtual Reality Media Publication the complete list of articles.

The Virtual Reality Media Alliance: Companies

30 Facebook Groups in the Virtual Reality Media Alliance in descending order of membership size.

Every demo for SFVR 360 ôctō on October 20th

Every Speaker at SFVR 360 ôctō on October 20th

How do I create a header for my medium page that is like the hackernoon header?

San Francisco Virtual Reality 360 ôctō is a new event taking place on October 20th 2017.

Recent Global Tech News in case you missed it:

People to follow: Tom Emerich snaps new photos of the new Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenge AR System

Silicon Valley Global News: Front Page

People to follow: Robert Scoble tried 120 ARkit apps and he made a great list. verses and

The VRMA Virtual Reality Media Publication the complete list of articles.

The Virtual Reality Media Alliance

I reblogged it!

HTC leads VR Chat’s $4,000,000 Series A investment round, along with Rothenberg Ventures…

AR WARS: The Last iPhone

San Francisco Virtual Reality 360 September 2017 Demos & Speakers

Why would companies we love do this to women?

Eight new stories for Virtual Reality Media

Animoji = Avatar + Emoji. An Animoji is Volumetric Video + Neural Networks

History is plentiful with examples of women doing amazing feats of science and math.

I am both a software engineer and a biologist. Thanks.

Silicon Valley needs to give Women Equal Respect.

San Francisco Virtual Reality novem is up next!

Getting 3D Shapes for VR from 2D images with AI to make a Self Aware Robot’s brain!

The entire computing industry seems to be moving away from polygons and towards neural network…

Steam VR will run inside Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets!

The beating heart of technology in San Francisco.

Review: MIYUBI on the Oculus Rift — Reviewed without Spoilers

Watch the new Ready Player One Trailer.

Rift Touch bundle drops to $399

Vive v. Rift which is better and what the VR/AR industry need to enter the mass market and become…

Mind Code // Brain Code: Go (Ancient Game) and Alpha Go.

What EEG Can Bring to Your VR Experience

The brain as a special kind of hard drive.

GTI 2017 GPU Technology Conference, The Neural Lace Podcast #5 Guest Jules Urbach, CEO at OTOY

The Neural Lace Podcast: Four Episodes have now been published.

The Neural Lace Podcast #4 Guest: Andre Watson

The Neural Lace Podcast #3 Guest: Eric Matzner

Neural Lace: AR / VR no glasses

The Neural Lace Podcast Playlist Summary

To the Women of VR, AI, Biology Research, and Technology, we need a CEO.

Tribal knowledge and the lessons of history will help us build next generation search engines and…

You should come work with me, because together we are going to change the world, but I can’t do it…

Self Aware Networks: Computational Biology: Neural Lace

I saw the future of social networks in VR, and it makes me impatient with VR as a I know it.

Art and Virtual Reality