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I got the $199 price from Finch technologies, they actually have pre-sale pricing on their website…

XR does not stand for eXtended Reality, that would be ER.

6dof Motion Controller tracking for Standalone VR is a hard problem.

Samsung reveals an experimental AR headset that isn’t a Samsung product.

SXR: Samsung XR

Confession: I liked playing Luna in the Magic Leap better than I liked Luna in VR.

At XRDC I tried the new Samsung Odyssey+ with Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality software tool for…

Empathy in Wonderland

Amazon Go: The high tech future of retail arrives today in San Francisco.

Come experience the Unreal Garden mixed reality art exhibit presented by Onedome.

Samsung Odyssey a premium VR headset hits the price floor at

Samsung to unveil a new AR headset at SDC 2018 (

Noisebridge went to the Maker Faire: In this article you will learn about NGALAC — the…

So who lied?

The Oculus Quest is expected to stream desktop Oculus Rift VR apps over wifi like the Vive Focus…

Brandon Jones on WebXR Graphics, Oculus Quest, Location Based Social Networking, Pokemon Go, and…

Owlchemy Labs launches mobile spectator

The Oculus Quest isn’t designed to be used outdoors.

Interview: Amanda Ray from TwistedPixel on Defector the new Spy Action Game for Oculus Rift

Oculus Quest does full body tracking and hand tracking in Mixed Reality (XR) for $399

A New Star Wars Trilogy in VR: Disney’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire brings their multiplayer…

Hands on Video with Oculus Quest + Side by Side Screen Comparison of Rift & Quest

You are going to be able to drink a beer in VR with Oculus Quest (eventually).

OC5 is a stormland of excitement!

Oculus Quest (formerly called Project Santa Cruz) ships in Spring of 2019 for $399 with “Rift…

Addressing criticism for my “Humans are metal robots in a valid sense” story:

Addressing criticism for my Humans are metal robot story: I made no claim that an electronic…

John Riccitiello the CEO of Unity explains how Real Time 3D (RTX) is disrupting every industry…

The Weather Channel creates a stunning Mixed Reality News that explains the hurricane flood threat!

I’m imagining an Oculus Half Dome Mixed Reality headset, new things we might see in software…

Jules Urbach on RTX & VR, Capture & XR, AI & Rendering, and Self Aware AI.

Have you seen pictures of the new Acer?

Notes from Friday, September 14, 2018, wrote:

Possible evidence of a new Microsoft Mixed Reality headset in the wild

What some developers don’t realize is that ray tracing is a resource like water, you just spray on…

Real Time Ray-tracing (RTX) is coming to Virtual Reality and is expected to revolutionize the VR…

We went hands on with the StarVR One

OctaneRender will be coming to UnrealEngine 4 in the first half of 2019

Watch this Amazing Magic Leap review!

Cafe X. Creator.

WebXR Study Group meetup Friday August 10th, 2018 5pm to 9pm at Noisebridge 2169 Mission St, San…

Why the Oculus Santa Cruz may cost $399

Neurotech SF VR Hacknight: Brainduino+WebXR+OculusGo #4

I think this is it

Annoucing the Neurotech SF VR Hack #3: Brainduino WebXR Oculus Go.

Magic Leap not so magical

Now you can turn your whole house into a Steam VR playground with Vive 2.0

We shot through the Varjo Mixed Reality add on that makes their VR headset into an XR headset!

Humans are metal robots in a valid sense.

Osterhout Design Group’s XR Glasses (that do VR & AR) are for professionals, but they also raise…

3D Cross-Hair Convolutional Neural Networks

Don’t believe the story you read on USA Today about Starbucks clarifying that its bathrooms are…

Neural Lace and Deep Learning

Event in the Park: BCI + Deep AI + XR

Qualcomm has already built a working 6dof controller for MobileVR headsets, that lets you have hand…

The Valve Lighthouse 2.0 Tracking system is now shipping with the HTC Vive Pro: Price $1399

VRLA Pre-show Showdown: Vive Focus vs Oculus Go vs the Lenovo Mirage Solo

Oculus Half Dome VR Headset Prototype revealed at F8 today

Facebook’s new Social VR applications are a game changer, this is why you will want an Oculus Go!

Oculus Go available to purchase now at and today at Bestbuy and

Everyone in attendance at f8 gets an Oculus GO

Nick Whiting from Epic Games explains the origin of XR (XR = Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality).

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence reading human body language.

Autonomous Vehicle Simulation in Virtual Reality with Optis at GTC 2018: A video interview with…

At GTC 2018 there was a big sign during the keynote that said the Titan V is out of stock.

I asked Jensen Huang the CEO of Nvidia if Automous Vehicles need to have self-aware networks.

AI Lighting, AI Denoising, Scene AI, using AI to fix 360 video, using AI to predict holograms from…

Apple leak: The rumored iPhone XX Pro (mockup provided by

Nvidia demo: Engineer drives a real car from inside VR

HTC Vive’s Commercial Business Strategy for Virtual Reality

Privacy in the age of Internet of Things, Alexa, Google Assistant, with Homomorphic Encryption and…

VR @ GDC 2018: Chat w/ Gravity Sketch VR, Liv, and Unity.

Interview with SwanVR about Beat Saber

Despite it’s $799 price tag the new Vive Pro seems to be selling very well

#2nd GDC Goal Achieved: Oculus Go hands on!

VR Industry Newsbits for March 21, 2018

A collection of news highlights from GDC and VRDC

A Major GDC Goal Achieved: Hands on with the HTC Vive Focus at GDC 2018

VR and Evolving Audiences

HTC Vive Pro Price Revealed!

GDC Excitement! A Pre Show Chat via Silicon Valley Global News

Get excited about GDC 2018:

Games & Virtual Reality 2018

3 New Medical Imagining Technologies that have Neuroscientists salivating like Pavlov’s dogs.

Opinion: The XR Headset Reference Design could be better and here is how

NeurotechSF + SF VR 360 + Noisebridge

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Microsoft Mixed Reality Price Wars

Three events added to the Silicon Valley Global Events Calendar

WAVE 2018 — World AR VR Expo

XR Connects

Windows Mixed Reality Hack

Exit Reality

San Francisco Virtual Reality 360 Live

How to make money in VR

Anxiety? Pain? Your Doctor may prescribe VR with biofeedback.

Recap of SF VR 360 Janus: Video, Photos

People in the core of the VR industry at places like the offices of Unity and Epic Games have been…

The industry term is XR, MR is something being used by the Microsoft brand. Make a note of it.

CES 2018 Top stories

HTC Vive Pro Price Rumor

Leaked: Portal for $499: Facebook taking on Google, Amazon, and Apple with a new device for the…

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